S3-base series batteries Bosch. Is affordable and economical solution for cars with a small number of additional electrical equipment.
S5 Silver Plus-power unit for automobile business class. Battery for Bosch S5 Silver Plus provides reliable power supply of additional systems of safety and comfort. Compared with standard batteries batteries Bosch S3 series S5 Silver Plus have at 30% more current trigger value and 30% lifecycles through silver technology. This series of batteries it is especially recommended for installation on diesel cars.
95 a/h battery, cold current of 850 and scroll EN, reversed polarity, 353 x 175 x 190 mm, weight kg 26.40
S4 Silver is a universal choice for every car. Bosch S4 Silver batteries are recommended for both the car compact class and business class cars. Compared with standard batteries batteries Bosch S3 S4 series Silver have 15% more starting power and value at 20% lifecycles through silver technology. In addition, this series includes batteries with Asian in the same family (JIS standard).
battery 70 Ah, cold current and 760 EN scroll, reverse polarity, 278 x 175 x 190 mm, weight kg 20.20
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